How to Get from Here to There. Your Journey to YOUR Most FABULOUS Self. Step-by-Step Guide by Bev Knox, Ph.D.

This article will help you unleash YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF. You will transfer failure into opportunity, sadness into hope, chaos into balance, hate into forgiveness, and uncertainty into destiny. Hey, if you don’t take this chance, this risk, you will never know what it feels like to be you… —and appreciate you, for being you.


Your Mind Power is the art of training your mind to work with your subconscious mind to create the life you want.  Developing Mind Power is a practice that requires consistency and commitment.  Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. —Napoleon Hill

The following section is about visualization, affirmation and inspirational thought.

What would the perfect YOU look like?  Can you imagine her?  Look deep within.  YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF is there.  She is there upon the throne of inner-Reality waiting patiently for you to wake from the dream of non-reality. If you can conjure the image of her in your mind, you can be YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF! For this YOU were created by God, Your Highness.

Creative visualization miraculously manifests the life God has created for you and the life you desire if you know how to use it. Using it is simple. Creative visualization is the practice of implementing imagination, mind over matter techniques, affirmations, etc., to create your own reality. Using it in conjunction with a rich prayer life is tremendously POWERFUL! Everything in your life today was brought into being through your personal power, magnetism, thoughts, words and imaginings.   You may or may not have been consciously aware of the process, but you have already created your own reality.

You are FABULOUS!  So BE FABULOUS!  Thoughts are real.  What exists, exists first in the heart, soul and mind. The entire Universe began as a thought in the mind of God.  By creating and affirming a clear picture of your crowned-self in your mind, you can quite literally make your dreams into realities.  You possess the inherent inner power to create wealth, health, love and virtually any and everything you desire in your life.  Did you know that the secular world is heavily invested in your never discovering your true identity?  It wants you to read these words and doubt.

You must be bold, stubborn, and defiant in the face of negation. This world may hate you. God adores you. Laws of Attraction are Always in Place in the Universe. This power does not involve force or obsession. It is a free-flowing and natural process. One need only visualize, affirm, then let go of their attachment to the thing desired. Let it go, and it will come. Masters of creative visualization teach that if you simply see yourself as rich, not only will you be rich; you are rich.

You can Visualize the YOU you Desire!  You can visualize yourself into being more beautiful than women like Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Angela Bassett, Catherine Zeta Jones or Janet Jackson.  You can manifest the man of your dreams by simply visualizing him into your life.   Imagine conjuring up your own personal Denzel, Clooney or Brad.

Through the resplendent power of creative visualization you can do, have and be anything you desire.   Do you really believe that?  One of the basic tenets of the Bible; “As a (wo)man thinketh, so shall (s)he be.” There are many teachings on variations of the belief that our thoughts create our reality.  Creative visualization is a grand and delightful extension of that universal precept in action.  Whenever we decide and set our intentions in this way, all the powers of the Universe converge to support us.  If God and the Universe are on your side it does not matter who or what stands against you.

Creative visualization can be done with a friend or a group; whichever appeals to you.  Creative visualization does require discipline though.  The buddy system is simply a good way to help beginners stay motivated and focused. If you have positive people in your life who share your desire to live wholly, practicing creative visualization with them can be a truly profound experience.  Your lives will change.  A good friend can often be the source of great healing and support in one’s life.  If you do not have this type of support, that is fine.  You always have REAL support.  You have YOU.  You have the Universe. You have God. You have all you need to succeed!

If you are not truly tired of the way things are, you will play with the idea of creative visualization for a time, leave it behind and go on with things as they have always been. In so doing, you will still be creating your own reality. If that is what you create, be at peace with it.   Be at peace with your current state.   It is ultimately what you want.

If you are ready, creative visualization will be just the tool you have been waiting to find.  You will take it seriously. You will commit.  You will practice creative visualization on a daily basis. Your life will change.  Creative visualization works! The power of creative visualization will sincerely help you to find YOU.  By discovering the real YOU— YOUR Most FABULOUS SELF.  And you shall fulfill your greatest desires.  Click Here for More Information on my Video Lectures and Coaching.

Here to there

4 thoughts on “How to Get from Here to There. Your Journey to YOUR Most FABULOUS Self. Step-by-Step Guide by Bev Knox, Ph.D.

  1. I truly love what you are doing. Visualization is extremely powerful and the sooner one learns to manifest the life she truly wants and deserves, the sooner she arrives to her full potential. Your program feels totally in sync with what so many of my girlfriends and myself need in our lives. Can’t wait to get started with your program.

  2. I love this article- the concept is so wonderful and huge yet so simple at the same time. We have the potential to obain everything we need yet so many of us are living lacklustre lives. Your words are very inspiring and I’ll be sharing them with my friends and family!

  3. What an amazing concept- it is huge and life changing yet so simple. We all have the ability to obtain and reach our goals yet so many of us women are living lacklustre lives wishing for things we think are out of our reach without really going about it the right way. Your words are very inspiring and I’ll be sharing with my family and friends!

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